Famous Visitor at Forton.

You ARE pleased to see us!

Today I went flying and the club had a serious outbreak of Alex Whittaker.  The superstar paparazzi stayed for about an hour.  We were all humbled to have such an auspicious presence amongst our number.

I have a new trainee (I wish I could charge for this)  He had built a World Models Frontera Senior powered by an Irvine 46 (OS built)  He had made a great job of this  not small model (82″).  I have had the pleasure of owning one of these for over 5 years and have found it a really nice model to fly.  At present it flies with an OS 91 Surpass and is fitted with a towbar for hauling small to medium-sized gliders aloft.  The new trainee flew my Frontera Senior on a buddybox and did very well for his first ever flight.  He was doing figure 8’s on the first flight, and could keep a level circut.  Impressive.

Despite blustery wind and some showers a good afternoons flying was had by all.  It’s good to be alive.

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One Response to Famous Visitor at Forton.

  1. Rumrat says:

    You never know who is reading Ioan! Loose Lips Sink Ships.

    On my second training flight with you using my own buddy box, the Frontier went into a spin twice when I had control. My ebay Futaba 6EX has a dodgy buddy socket. That’s my excuse. It happens on the simulator too. The short term fix is to apply massive pressure with an oversize thumb. Later, I had better try some really technical like WD40.

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