Orange 2.4 Ghz Spectrum Compatible

Recently bought one of the Hobby King Spektrum 2.4Ghz compatible Rx’s.  After hearing and reading mixed reviews I just ordered one, to see.

I have been pleasantly surprised by this Rx.  It claimes to be a full range 6 channel receiver that works with Spektrum DSM2 radio.  From Hobby King they cost about £8.50 but I ordered one from a seller on e-Bay because he had them in stock and Hobby King did not.  Despite the Rx costing twice as much from the e-Bay seller I did not want to wait for delivery from Hong Kong.

Orange 2.4 6 Channel

The Rx bound to my Tx module first time.  I installed it in a Chris Foss Wot4 Mk3  with 5 Jr 591 servos and a 4.8v nicad.  The range test was excellent and encouraged by that I took it to the club today to try a flight.  Because the Rx comes with no instructions I set it up as if it was a Spektrum using Spektrum leaflet.  At the field I repeated the range test and as that was OK I decided to fly.  I put half a tankful through the engine, climbing quite high and flying to the limits of our field (a disused airfield).  No problems were percieved.  Everything seemed to go well.  No glitching, brown-outs or anything of that nature.

I will post more as more flights are flown.

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