Generosity, Alive & Well.

My regular readers (and I am surprised how many “hits” I get) will know that the SMFC club IC power trainer is in dire straits. The poor old Seagull Boomerang is now five years old and ready for a re-furb.  Upon stripping off the covering I discovered the balsa to be  fuel-soaked and other damage.

Fuel Soaked!!

As luck would have it, I was talking with other members about this problem at the field when one of the newer members, who has recently passed his “A”,  said he was selling his “Irvine Tutor 40” airframe.  I expressed an interest and the member, Andy Digby, offered the Tutor 40 to the club.  His arm was duly snatched off.  Andy said he would call me when he had removed his engine and radio from the airframe.

The next day, Andy called in the AM and said the plane was ready to be collected.  I went round to his shed and was amazed to find the Tutor 40 in “as new” condition.  Andy really looks after his planes!

Following profuse thanks, I took the plane to my workshop and fitted the Spektrum Rx, JR591 servos and the SC46 engine from the Boomerang.  I also fitted a new 4.8v flight battery, as JR591 servos will not operate successfully on 6v, and a new switch that incorporates a charging socket.

That's Better.

Now, I am looking forward to test flying the Tutor 40.  They are one of the better power trainers out there.

Also, the club had recently bought an  el*ctr*c trainer,  built and fitted out by Simon Claydon.

Once more, THANK YOU ANDY.

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