Lord, but it’s cold.

I have tried over the last few days to do aeromodeling but have been beaten back by the cold.   Despite a heater, I have found ice developing on some of the waterbased products I use.  In an attempt to convey the sub-zero-ness of the workshop some pictures were to be included.  However, the camera is iced up.  It had to be baked in a medium oven for several hours until the batteries could be removed.  Now, of course, the oven cannot be turned off because the control has frozen up.  The only known cure is to send me large bottles of Vodka.  Yes, just three bottles a month will prevent this avid modeller freezing up.  Give generously, and often, to this worthwhile cause.

Send donations to..  Shropshire Flying, PO Box 69, Ocho Rios, Jamacia, JA1 7AB

Your kindness will be gratefully received.

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