Smashing Week!!

After breaking my Super 60 at Telford the other week, I went to Clwyd SA flat field site with my old mate Ray Jones, the idea being to attempt my examiners test.  It was very blustery (no excuse) and while I was having a practice flight the model (Wot4 Mk3) flew into the hedge on the west side of the field ( all right, I flew it into the hedge on the west side of the field) The model was split asunder and the test put off until I learned to fly.  Ray and I had a cup of tea and a really good natter, and I asked if I could fly my Astro Hog, just for fun. He had no objection so duly fueled up, did my SMARTS, taxied out and took off.  Model rolled over to the left (no amount of stick twiddling could stop it) and flew into terrain.  Damaged the wing and broke a prop.  At this point the only course of action was to scoop up all my wreckage and go home.  All in the plain sight of an A.C.E.

Now, I know we all have off days, I have seen highly experienced show pilots crash for no apparent reason, but I do feel embarrassed by my display in front of Ray.  I had not had a crash for a “goodly while” and may have been feeling invincible.  My Wot4 had been flying the “B” schedule for several weeks prior to the test with, in my opinion, not unreasonable results so I knew it was not the fault of the airframe. I had even been practicing things like an inverted figure of eight, just in case.  Anyway, I am going to do the next attempt with a dedicated pattern ship, something a bit slower and smoother than the Wot4, to give myself half a chance.  And before I get e-mail from my myriad fans saying that they can fly a smooth and controlled schedule with their Wot4’s and do so every Sunday, well so can I; BUT! try and do it at a strange (known to be difficult) field in a blustery wind, about 18-20mph, under the critical gaze of a much respected Area Chief Examiner…

Anyway, the last three weeks have been smashing for me the final score being…

Ground 2, Hedge 1, Shropshireflying  Nil.

However, to quote a wise man, “Nobody Died”,  so there you have it.

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