FrSky Tx Module for JR (V8-JT)

FrSky Module in my JR 3810 ADT

I bought this as I have no need for two way communications with my model. I must say, it comes highly recommended, not only by the chap from Kiwi-Land on U-Tube, but by my local BMFA Area Chief Examiner who is nationally famous for his gliding exploits and claims never to have had a problem with this equipment. Initially, I was going to upgrade to DSMX, this system giving full channel hopping facility and I could get a Tx that I could still use with my DSM2 Rx’s. Robotbirds delivered “next day” and I installed the module in my JR 3810 ADT tranny. All the promised lights came on, so thus encouraged, I installed the V8FR-HV Rx in my World Models Super Frontier Senior. I use this to train new pilots as it is suitably gentle and forgiving. As expected, it bound without problem and I did a range check. At 30 mtrs it was still operating well. I placed it behind my back and it dropped out. This is not a problem, as I did not expect it to do otherwise.

When the Tx was shown to the model again, we got almost instant re-boot. The Spektrum module and Spectrum Rx in the same aircraft and Tx mostly takes 4-5 seconds to reboot, this is the difference between taking the model home in the car or the bin-bag. Also, the orientation of the antenna seemed to make no difference to the range test. When I take it flying I will do a longer range test, just for the sport of it, to see where it drops out. The operation of the servos is as smooth and responsive as any kit that I have used so I am happy on that front.

So, first impressions are very good. FrSky seem to listen to customers suggestions and also they have a VERY good website full of valuable hints and tips re their 2.4 equipment, downloads to update firmware (you can update their receiver firmware also).

In a nutshell, binds easily, range checks OK and also has fail-safe on all channels. The module and Rx cost less than a six channel receiver from Spektrum. Go figure!!

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