FrSky V8FR-HV 2.4 Receiver

I have copied this review from the review I did for the V6JT module. As one is no good without the other I think it is relevant to do that.

Eight Channels, less than £20??

I bought this as I have no need for two way communications with my model. I must say, it comes highly recommended, not only by the chap from Kiwi-Land on U-Tube, but by my local BMFA Area Chief Examiner who is nationally famous for his gliding exploits and claims never to have had a problem with this equipment. Initially, I was going to upgrade to DSMX, this system giving full channel hopping facility and I could get a Tx that I could still use with my DSM2 Rx’s. Robotbirds delivered “next day” and I installed the module in my JR 3810 ADT tranny. All the promised lights came on, so thus encouraged, I installed the V8FR-HV Rx in my World Models Super Frontier Senior. I use this to train new pilots as it is suitably gentle and forgiving. As expected, it bound without problem and I did a range check. At 30 mtrs it was still operating well. I placed it behind my back and it dropped out. This is not a problem, as I did not expect it to do otherwise.

When the Tx was shown to the model again, we got almost instant re-boot. The Spektrum module and Spectrum Rx in the same aircraft and Tx mostly takes 4-5 seconds to reboot, this is the difference between taking the model home in the car or the bin-bag. Also, the orientation of the antenna seemed to make no difference to the range test. When I take it flying I will do a longer range test, just for the sport of it, to see where it drops out. The operation of the servos is as smooth and responsive as any kit that I have used so I am happy on that front.

Couple of points…

When looking at the label on the Rx, the servos plug in “upside down” that is the negative lead towards you and the signal away from you.

Any channel can be used for the battery, there is no dedicated battery socket. I suppose technically that makes it a seven channel Rx but then you can use a Y-lead to use channel 8.

There is no bind plug to lose as binding takes place via a little button on the Rx, also for the fail-safe.

So, first impressions are very good. FrSky seem to listen to customers suggestions and also they have a VERY good website full of valuable hints and tips re their 2.4 equipment, downloads to update firmware (you can update their receiver firmware also).

In a nutshell, binds easily, range checks OK and also has fail-safe on all channels. The module and Rx cost less than a six channel receiver from Spektrum. Go figure!!

Once you get past the fact that it is not one of the major brands and that you can get good kit that works properly for reasonable money then it all makes sense. Most of us fall foul of the “brand image” thing at sometime in our lives, it can be an expensive habit.

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