Why “My Grandad’s Engine”

Well it’s like this.  We all remember the tale of “My Grandfather’s Axe”?

i.e. This axe is over 100 years old.  It was my grandfather’s axe.  Over the years it has had two new handles and one new head, but it is still my grandfather’s axe…

The Saito FA50 has, in the 25 years that I have owned it, had one new crankshaft, two sets of crank bearings and its most recent trip to the “Terribly Firm”, or Terra Firma, resulted in the separating of the cylinder from the crankcase.  Just Engines provided a “short” motor and I used the existing carby and intake assembly and the exhaust. Recently, I have modified the exhaust to comply with more moderate sound levels and fitted a modern silencer to the existing stub.  However, despite that all that remains of the original engine is the carb, intake and exhaust stub, it is still the same engine that I bought at “America’s Hobby Center” off 6th Avenue and (I think) 23rd Street in New York.

America’s Hobby Center have moved to New Jersey since I was there.    http://www.ahc1931.com/

Name Explained.

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