Little Yellow Birdie

I have bought this from my Brother. It’s a Flair Cap with an OS 46.  I have just sold the last of my 2 strokes on e-Bay last week and now I have got another.  That’s life.

Flair Cap

oh! I'll have a bit of wing...

It’s a little cutie I think you will agree and very well made. It has an OS 46 at the pointy end and 4 servos.  I have fitted it with a FrSky V8FR-HV receiver.  Here are some more pics…

Aforementioned OS 46

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One Response to Little Yellow Birdie

  1. DW says:

    Nice! I like the color combo…yellow, blue & red. If I could find an actual bird with the same color combo, I’d like to name it, if you don’t mind…when you actually own it. 😉

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