FrSky JR Wireless Trainer System

FrSky do a plug kit to allow a Futaba owner to use their transmitters to “buddy box” without the cable. I use JR transmitters and need a way to do this because JR use a different system to Futaba.   With the help of Giant Cod forum members Joerg and Phil-G also RC Model Reviews forum members Ergocentric and Grummangoose I have sorted it out.

Embryonic Wireless Training System

Explained in text…






What happens is this…

In this case, both transmitters have a FrSky Module.  The 3810 has a telemetry module, the pupil  (on the left in the picture) has a non-telemetry module. Either way will work providing the receiver matches the pupil transmitter and the trainer transmitter can operate the aircraft.

The instructors transmitter has a FrSky V8R7-SP receiver plugged into the trainer  socket.  This receiver is bound to the pupil transmitter.   Unlike when you use a “buddy lead” the pupil transmitter has to be switched on and operate normally to transmit to the receiver plugged into the trainer socket on the master.  Being 2.4GHz this all works out OK without clogging up the pegboard or interfering with one another.  The downside of the JR DSC socket is that, unlike the Futaba multipin socket, it does not feed any power to the receiver.  The DSC socket only passes the PPM signal, hence the battery.  On that point, you must use a receiver that has a CPPM output facility.  FrSky have several in their range.  I know Futaba do a proprietary dongle that does this but it costs about £85??  The receiver I used costs between £20 and £22 depending where you get it.  Three main dealers based in the UK stock them at Hong Kong prices;  Giant Cod, T9Hobbysport and Robotbirds.

The battery has to go, not very elegant.

My main problem is power to the receiver. It has to be powered separately to the DSC socket.  The FrSky receivers are safe to about 13v so I could fit a stereo socket and tap into the Tx battery.  The Receiver could be fixed to the transmitter using Velcro, as it would not be a permanent fixture.

More to follow…

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