JR/FrSky Wireless Training System

Well almost finished.  It’s so big because it is self powered, contains a AAA 4.8v NiMH and a switch incorporating a charge socket (for the battery) Of course, also inside is the FrSky V8R7SP receiver.  It is bonded to the FrSky module in my JR388s (see previous post)

Here are some pictures…

Wireless Trainer Dongle on the JR 3810ADT

Sexy Clothes Pegs, For Hanging on Handle










FrSky do a little 4 channel Rx that can be used for CPPM output if jumpers are used on the pins, See It Here this should do nicely.  If I can figure out the power supply from the Tx battery then this unit can be as small as a church mouse.

Another Gratuitous Image...



It needs a little window to allow the Rx LED’s to be seen.  Watch this space…

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5 Responses to JR/FrSky Wireless Training System

  1. David Davis says:

    My old Sanwa Conquest still works. If it was good enough for Vic Smeed it’s good enough for me.

  2. ShyDiva says:

    Thought you would get it sorted – good luck on the final stages and the live testing!

  3. Ja-Dragon says:

    Did mine with Futaba radios 9CHP and T4YF(converted to 2.4 Frsky hack), made my own WTC/1 adapter. No prob with power to V8R7SP Rx. Seems to work okay in normal power mode, but Student TX/RX in low power could not pass Range Check. When the V8R7SP used as an actual Flight Rx, low power mode range check superb. Not sure if the adapter is correctly configured or the RX is being swamped by the Teacher TX?

  4. Ja-Dragon says:

    Sorry, forgot to add, have you considered using a stereo jack, change the receptacle in the TX first. That could accommodate the power. You could use a micro flip switch, the one with O/ I, on the TX to switch power on or off so it does not short when plugging in. Hope this helps. Due to the short range I don’t go beyond say 10 ft between radios, works great otherwise no chords.

    • Hi There
      Yes, a stereo jack is in the pipeline. Tested the unit today and it works very well, no problems with the range check but I don’t intend to get out of shouting range of my student.

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