FrSky Antenna Extension

Our FrSky antennas may fall foul of the Tx grab handle.  One answer to this is to extend the antenna base, using couplings that I got from a Chinese supplier on e-Bay.  The supplier’s e-Bay name is “chinarf”.

RP-SMA Fittings

It is important to use RP-SMA fittings.  The “RP” stands for reverse polarity, FrSky antenna fittings use the RP fittings.  The two on the left are male-male and female-female fittings that screw together, then are fitted between the module and antenna.  The fitting on the right is an RP male-female but this on its own does not give sufficient rise to clear the handle.  By using a combination of the two fittings on the left the antenna clears the handle by a reasonable  margin.

Enough Clearance?

I have yet to do range tests to make sure that the extension does not suck power from the signal.  This means persuading someone to stand, in the cold and drizzle, at one side of my local disused airfield with an aircraft while I drive, in warmth and comfort, to the other side with the Tx.  If I find anything detrimental I will report back.  So far, using the range test facility built in to the FrSky module, all seems well.

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