Volvo To The Sky Project (Update)

My 21 year old 740GLE is getting some much needed maintenance.  Today, rear shocks.  Nearside, no problem; all went well and the shock was changed quickly.  The nearside shock had been leaking for a couple of months so everything was nicely oiled.  HOWEVER!! the right side lower bolt was seized in the bushing.  No amount of WD40 and sledgehammering would shift it.  The answer?, thanks to my friend Andrew, HEAT and lots of it.

Result of heat and brute force on lower bushing.

Now, of course, the car smells like a Durex factory on overtime.  However, the old shock is now off with no damage to the car except a smell of burning rubber .  Fitted the new shock and new lower bolt.



Nice new shock.




The dark circle at the top is the rubber cover for the upper bolt.  Nicely insulated against the worst ravages of the highway.

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