Antenna (Part Ducks)

Finally sorted the 2.4 antenna on the 3810ADT.  I fitted a DX7 replacement outfit to the old metal entry point.  Needed a little sanding down and a touch of uPVC cement but the job’s a good ‘un.

Full Frontal Tx









Round the Back










The antenna wire is routed through the case into the module where the FrSky and Spektrum connectors are identical.  Range tests done on 1/10 power and at silly distance on full power and it works perfectly.  Is it CE compliant?  I don’t see why not, all the components are, and all I have done is to assemble three CE compliant components to make one fully functional unit.

I really like the 3810ADT, it does everything that I would ever want.  I had a 9xll for a while but did not get on with it.  I think the only Tx that I would be unfaithful to my 3810ADT with is the Multiplex Royal Evo 9.  Best Tx in the world.

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