Futaba PCM1024ZA or FP-9ZAP or T9ZAP Transmitter

After a lifetime with JR I have finally gone to Futaba.  And, even then, not a flash new FAAST 2.4Ghz 10 or 12 channel outfit but an ageing 9ZAP WC1.  Here are some pics…

T9ZAP switched on.

Quick view round the back…

This Tx will do almost anything you can imagine, has it got an MP3 player? NO! thank God. However it has mixes that have to be seen to be believed.  All switches and even the sticks are fully assignable and anything can be mixed with anything else, in any combination and quantity.  It is, I will grant you, not the easiest or the most intuitive Tx to programme but when you get there it is worth it.

This one is an E-Bay special and did not cost a lot and has a couple of minor ailments, I will probably have it serviced before I use it in anger.

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