FrSky V8HT, Repair Hack Module

Microsurgery has nothing on this; my ham sized hands working with small electronics.  I had glued up the momentary switch on a FrSky V8HT hack module while fitting it to a Futaba Challenger.  Yep! very careless.  I found the correct switch at Radio Spares UK and had to order five as a minimum.  The following are some pics of the repair.

Workspace must be neat and tidy…

Always start a job with a neat and tidy workspace, no servos, plastic bags, bits of old wire etc lying about.

Old “distressed” switch in situ on the PCB with the new switch looking on.

These are keyboard switches, they are momentary; they make contact when pressed but spring off when released.  RS have hundreds of small PCB switches. I had to trawl through many many many switches to find these.

Removing the solder on the pins with a de-soldering pump.

No job is any good unless you have to buy some new tools.  I got this de-soldering pump off e-Bay for a couple of quid (£2.49p)  The picture is not totally accurate, you have to suck up the solder while it’s hot and runny (erm!!) It is not possible to hold the pump, the soldering iron and operate the camera all at once.  But you get the idea.

Here is the finished job.

All finished, tested and fully functioning. I do feel pleased with myself.  Was it cost effective to repair?  I think so.  The little switches work out at 50p each if you include postage.  The pump was £4.75 inc postage.  A new V8HT hack module from Giant Shark (nee Cod) would be about £18 with postage and it was fun to do.  So about half price then, and I still have four more switches and a de-soldering pump.  I’m ahead of the game.

One new switch and the parts of the old one; on a disposable lighter to give it scale.

I have given the RS stock number of the switch in the last post, but for the hard of looking it is 283-9787.  The picture is of a couple of different styles.  Make sure that the one you order is 6mm x 6mm with a tag more or less at each corner.

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