FrSky Hack Module Fitting

The last Challenger hack module did not show any pics of the innards…

Futaba Challenger Undressed



The original Futaba “module” is plugged into the side of the PCB with a 5 pin “Molex” PCB plug and socket. I have used the plug to fit the hack module.




From the bottom the pins are:

1, PPM out,  Yellow wire with diode.

2, +V, Red Wire.

3, Ground, Black Wire

4, Connect to 3.

5, Antenna connection. ( the real smart ones amongst you can use the antenna connection to connection on the main PCB to fit the co-ax for the 2.4 antenna)

Bind/range check button and LED.



The LED is quite bright, but you are looking at your aircraft, aren’t you?


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