The ill fated “Mothering Sunday” meeting…

We had two significant events here in the United Kingdom this Sunday 30th March.  Firstly, British Summer Time started so we all put our clocks forward 1 hour at 01:00.

More importantly, it is Mothers Day.  Now I was kept informed about the “Spring Forward” clock event and duly adjusted my several clocks on Sunday morning.  (With the exception of my office clock, it adjusts itself by radio from Germany)

However, no-one told me it was mothers day.  I had arranged a fly-in at the club field to celebrate the start of what is laughingly called British Summer Time.  No one came.

I was at a loss to understand why my fellow club members had abandoned me on what proved to be a pleasant, and very flyable, afternoon.  Undeterred, I fired up the OS 91 FS and had a couple of pleasant and rewarding flights.  Still no company.

Anyway, I hung around for a couple of hours, drank the coffee and ate the food then went home.  My long suffering wife asked how it had gone and if we had a good meeting.  When I said that no-one had shown up, she said that it may be because it was Mothers Day.

Oh Dear.  That would explain it.  I will know better next time.

My Flair Astro Hog

My Flair Astro Hog

This is my Flair Astro Hog based on the 1957 Fred Dunne Astro Hog that introduced full aerobatics to the world of aeromodelling. The rather mucky Volvo 960 and the Hog are the same age. The Swedes built the 960 in 1997 and I built the Flair kit in 1997. If memory serves; which it does not, my wife just reminded me that I built the Hog in 2002. Duh!! (so what did I do in 1997??).  I bought the flight box in 1987 when I lived in the USA. It was made by an outfit called “Custom Woodcraft”  It was over $100USD back then. A brilliant flight-box and still going strong after more than 25 years.

Here is a pic of my Acro-Wot. I did not build this one but bought it used.



It requires the use of sunglasses. The engine is another OS 70 FS that features earlier in the blog having its valve springs replaced.


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