Futaba FG Pin-Out Diagram.

I have been asked for a diagram for the Futaba FG series pin-outs to fit a FrSky hack module.  In the ones I have done, I have squeezed  the hack module into the Futaba module case after first removing the old innards.  The old connector can be soldered to the shortened hack module wires (the ppm wire terminates in a DIODE, remember to re-attach the diode to the ppm wire if you use this method) and then glued in position to connect to the Tx pins.  The antenna can be fitted to suit your preference.  On some I have used a plaxolin square to mount the antenna in place of the Futaba fitment. The diagram will appear in .pdf format.

Futaba FG Gold FrSky Hack Pinout Diagram
I have sold all my Futaba gear since doing the conversions and have gone back to JR, this means that I cannot now show pictures of the conversion.  I have nothing against Futaba equipment, it is fine gear, I just could not get used to the different systems and returned to a familiar programming ethos.

The antenna pin in the Futaba Tx has a wire going to the antenna stub in the case.  This can be removed.  I cut mine off because I was not interested in keeping the original attachment.

If you already have your FrSky hack module then you will see that it is encased in a heat-shrink like tube.  If you carefully snip the heat-shrink, following the antenna cable to the terminal on the PCB, you will find the antenna cable has a standard micro connector.  This is the same as the connector on other makes of 2.4 equipment.  When I converted my JR 3810 ADT (on the blog) I used a Spektrum DX7 antenna, threading the cable through the Tx and into the module.

The only difficulty that you may encounter is finding a convenient  site for the three position switch if you use the Telemetry Hack Module.

Please open the “comments” below for more information.

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10 Responses to Futaba FG Pin-Out Diagram.

  1. Revell Walker says:

    You say FM module here. I assume this callout works for the AM FG as well since the 5 channel shown is AM, correct?

  2. Revell Walker says:

    And the antenna mounting is a personal choice, right? I’d like to use the old one to keep it somewhat authentic. What about those wires leading to the it underneath? Can I dispose of those without affecting the operation of the main board?

  3. Revell Walker says:

    But I can safely clear out the wires leading to the old antenna? If you could send me an inside view of things that would sure help. Thanks again for sharing! Love your flying field, takes me back to my days flying at RAF Croughton back in the 80’s

  4. Revell Walker says:

    Thank you, Ioan. You’ve provided a wealth of info to us folks insisting on keeping our golds going. Happy flying!

  5. Revell Walker says:

    Got one done. Past the learning curve now so the next will be easier. Sent you pics!

    • Christopher Leveck says:

      I would like to see your pics as well,. I bought a “lot” of transmitters, something like 40 or more and ended up with a pleasant surprise… at the bottom of one of the boxes was a dozen gold series fg and fgk 7 channel radios…..
      So I am ready to convert a couple….
      I like the fact that each channel has its own actual trim pot and the gimbals are VERY smooth….
      Also, the switches are high quality, not like some of the garbage you get nowadays.

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