Part 3. Basic tools and adhesives.

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Opening the box…

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First video of “Eagle 2″build.

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JR DS8900G Servo Gear Repair.

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Next Project, a Traditionally Built Trainer.

Next project, on here, is going to be a build log of a Carl Goldberg Eagle 2.

eagle-2-001I have wanted to do a traditional build on video for some time.  Progressing step-by-step through the building process and finishing with a test flight.  I will build it using the instructions provided just like a new person to the hobby would.  Including choosing and fitting the engine, radio, all hardware and basic flying.

Watch out for my You-Tube channel,  “biggestgerbil”.  I know, daft name, but that’s where the videos on this blog are.  Once I get going I will place links here to the videos.

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If you do not celebrate Christmas where you live, then I wish you Seasons Greetings and I hope for a great New Year for you.

Watch out for some good stuff planned on the blog for 2017.

Best Regards

Shropshire Flying.

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Axminster Sieg SC4/510 lathe

Some of us never learn.  I have upgraded from  Chester 920 to an Axminster SC4/510.

SC4 510This is the catalog picture.

This is mine…

20160113_172926Still on it’s delivery pallet. More pics and video of making things to follow.

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